Help with enhancing background talking

ubuntu 16.04 LTS
I need help enhancing the background talking of a girl. She says about two or three words but its very faint. There is background music. Really need this help thank you. Using audacity 2.2.2 and i installed the distribution’s release i believe, Thank you. If you can possible cancel out the background music thats a definite help.

She says about two or three words

I think she says a lot more than that and all of it is covered up by your breathing.

Audacity is not good splitting up a mixed performance into individual instruments, voices or sounds. That and a lot of other reasons it doesn’t make a good surveillance recorder.


No its not her. The sound that i am looking to enhance is about 4 secs long or 3 words and very dim to hear. I think you didn’t hear it, but anyway could you possible tell me what program i could use to cancel out the music and those breathing sound or maybe enhance the other sounds. Thank you.

Sorry but this topic should not have been approved. We do not offer an audio forensics service for uncovering hidden audio or recovering seriously damaged recordings. See .