Help with efect voice

Hello, i need some help with a voice efect. I tried to make voice like a epic narrator
I want to obtain something appear to this video

I start with equalization to raise the bass and dinamic compresion. After i aplied echo,but cant obtain the correct efect.
I need some hand or ear XD

Well thanks.

Not everyone can be Don Lafontaine.
Have a listen to this:
Notice how utterly dreadful the sound quality is, yet the quality of the voices are still unmistakeable.

So how far have you got? There is no magic “voice over” button, but if you can post a short sample of what you have so far we may be able to suggest ways to improve the recording.

Hi, thanks for respond. I now, the voice actors have an unique and amazing voice.

But i mean the efect in the video, of distance and gravity like. Im not a expert but i think than is a kind of echo

It’s “reverb” rather than “echo”.
A similar effect can be achieved with the GVerb effect.
See this topic:

Well, thanks steve. i’ll probe that to found the best combination. Its for a litle proyect with a friends.

do u know another plugin get other reberb efects? Plz let me know


If you’re using Windows and Audacity 1.3.14 then the VST version of Anwida DX Reverb Light is a good one.

there is a sudden wide-stereo effect around 43 seconds in .

You can get a “stereo-widener” plugin for Audacity here … at bottom of list

Ohh thanks a lot. i just probe it and its great, must be than i looking for.

Hi, thank for reply. I tried to use this plugin but it doesnt work, not process the audio, just show a log window.
is it compatible whit audacity 1.3.14?

The plugin is supplied in the zip file format, it has to be unzipped (unpacked/extracted) and the “widener.ny” file put into Audacity plugins file, same as you did with Anwida DX Reverb Light …

After you put an effect into the Audacity plugin folder, tick all the boxes here, then restart Audacity, (i.e. off then on again).
widener.txt (1.1 KB)
widener.ny (2.08 KB)

Yeah, sure i do it. but when i applied, even changing all variables, there is not a notorius change, or maybe i can ear it.
But thanks for the help, finally i get it with a some simply reverb.
The voice of my friend is a kind harsh. The recording is going great! :smiley: . with a practice i think he could be an actor voice :laughing:

oh! , i need other help. do you know a plugin to change the pitch, dinamically. i mean in some portion a pitch decreases or grow up, since the start to the end. or better choose the pitch values with a graphics like a equalizer.


There’s the Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift…

It will only work where the track is stereo: it exaggerates the differences between the left and right channels.
Try applying the stereo widener after you have applied stereo reverb like Anwida.