Help with editing recording

Can someone help edit about a minute clip of this audio, and then I can copy the settings for the rest of the clip? I can’t seem to find good enough settings.


We can’t do editing for you. The best way to learn is doing it yourself. :wink:

What effect are you trying to use?

If you need to attach a small sample of audio please see How to post an audio sample.


If you can’t help, then it’s useless attaching it. I am trying to just make it clear and audible.

and we can’t advise you how to improve the recording, or even if it will be possible to improve the recording, until we know exactly what the problem is.

My guess is that your recording is a really bad quality “covert” recording. If that is the case, making it clear and audible will not be possible without specialist equipment - a professional “audio forensic” expert may be able to help but we do not provide such a service.

Thanks for the clarification.