Help with DVD volume consitency

I am new to Audacity. We are assembling a teaching DVD series in Windows live movie maker from many different MP4 clips. There are more than 100 clips in each 2 hr video and they vary in volume from faint to loud. I was told Audacity can set a standard level of volume for the DVD. How does one accomplish this?

The easiest one-step tool is Chris’s Compressor.

This works like the audio processors at the radio station to level everything out. I change the first value, compression from 0.5 to 0.77 and it’s a dead ringer for the local NPR station.

It’s a look-ahead compressor, so you should be able to apply it to a whole bank of clips and it should even them all out.

If they’re just too far off, then yes, you will need to do some manual work, or investigate Effect > Compressor. This internal compressor isn’t automatic and you have to set all the values. You probably will need to apply that to each clip.


Thanks Koz.