Help with Classic Themes

Hello. So I’ve just updated my 9 year old audacity to a newer version, because I couldn’t find a dll to export mp3. It seems that is integrated with newer releases.
Anyway, the problem I immediatly got is the new UI. I kinda like it, especially the availability of a dark theme… but its too different and I want the old one back. Yes, there’s an option to set up a Classic theme, but…

1.- The classic theme is still not what it was. You just need to compare a screenshot of classic theme when it was introduced (v2.2.0) and now… Buttons are missing, or have been redesigned and moved.

2.- In case I could get the classic theme back, is there a way to have it dark?

3.- In case I cannot get back that theme… Which version was the last to offer it? I mean, identical to the only available theme of versions 2.1.9 and previous.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Indeed, the classic theme only keeps the look and feel similar to older versions of Audacity, it does not replicate them exactly as features change or get replaced. The only way to get an Audacity that behaves exactly like an old version is by using an old version. You can find them here: Old Audacity versions download

The magnifier tool in Windows can invert the display
use magnifier to invert display in Windows

Thanks guys. I’ll settle for 2.4.2. Do the download links you shared include all “extras” like ffmpeg for audacity as well as the needed dll files to export mp3 for instance, which did not work on my previous version as I said?

The dll to make mp3 is called LAME. You can get it here … (IIRC … LAME v3.99.3 for Windows).

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