Help with chain

Hi there,

I’ve been using Audacity for a while to edit audio tracks for use with an XBox game. Basically making them match the game’s existing tracks in terms of volume and arena feel. I use the settings as listed in this link. but as i have around 80 files to process, i started looking into batch operations and this is when i came across chains. I would like to create a chain with these settings, but i’m unsure where to start. I looked at the chain feature quickly but couldn’t find GVerb anywhere, so i’m a little lost.

Any assistance would be appreciated. :sunglasses:

The Chains feature currently supports (most) built in effects (these appear above the divider in the Effect menu) and Nyquist plug-ins. Other effect plug-ins (LADSPA and VST) are not currently supported.

You could try installing this (Nyquist) reverb plug-in to see if you can achieve a suitable effect: