Help with buzzing

I’ve spent a lot of time researching ideas for how to remove excess noise . I’ve tried noise reduction @ 24 db with 0 sensitivity and 150 frequency smoothing. I’ve also done normalize and notch filter at 60Hz frequency. Granted i don’t understand what any of this means, but i’ve also turned off the fridge and Ac, which caused a bit of noise in earlier recordings. I have a USB mic and i despite my best efforts i do not understand what things mean or why there is still buzz.
Please help, I’m starting to lose hope despite wanting to record my music.
DYD clean best.aup (8.94 KB)

The AUP isn’t a sound file. It’s a text file portion of an Audacity Project. The other portion is the _DATA folder of the same name.

I’m interesting in hearing a clean segment of the original problem. Post a piece of that not after you applied filters or effects.

wanting to record my music.

You almost told us why you’re doing this.
Why are you doing this?

“I want to record my acoustic guitar with my Blue Yeti USB microphone connected to my Windows 8.1 Lenovo laptop.”

Fill in the computer information and which Audacity version you have and any other details. From your description, you have an older Audacity back before the Noise Reduction tools were improved.


Microphone Problems:
Using: Audacity 2.1.0, Windows 8.1 (ASUS laptop) , CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone
Want to: record piano and vocals (and potentially violin)
Steps taken: Turned off AC and fridge.
Adjusted Mic sensitivity
Noise Reduction @ settings: 24 dB, 0 sensitivity (also messed around with higher numbers), frequency smoothing (bands) 150
Hard Limiter @ -8dB
Notch Filter @ 60 Hz
*I’m not new at instruments, but I am new at recording. I’ve been searching the audacity guides and youtube and basically anything I could find to no avail.
Link below includes 2 sound clips: one edited with all the above and one without audacity effects.

Does turned off AC include removing the laptop power cord and running it on battery?


indeed. I even turned off wifi and put it on its lowest power setting.

Is the buzz/hum only there when you connect the USB mic? I am getting the impression the buzz is there all the time and so when you record, you record the buzz. The noise doesn’t sound like USB transmission whine or the USB “static” noise that Koz calls “frying mosquitoes”.

If the hum is there all the time there may be some power setting in the BIOS you can change (that is, reboot and press the appropriate function key when booting to enter the BIOS). The key is usually F1, F2 or F10. On some Intel processors, turning off “overspeed protection” in the BIOS can stop humming. It should be OK to turn that off if you are not thrashing the machine playing games.

If your computer came with Windows 8.1 it may have UEFI rather than BIOS. In that case you have to SHIFT-click on the Restart button to access UEFI.

On some machines, the hum occurs whenever the CPU is not at absolute full load. If this is the problem and there is no BIOS or UEFI setting that helps, you may be able edit the Registry to enable a “Processor idle disable” option in Power Settings. Disabling that processor idle can stop the humming. Be careful when editing the Registry. See for how to make this change.