Help with Behringer Mixer!!

Hello. I have a Behringer XENYX1204 mixer with a UCS200 U-Control USB plug-in. The problem I’m having is that Audacity has recognized the driver I’ve installed, but Audacity isn’t recognizing any sound coming through. It might be a simple fix, but I’m clueless and have been trying for weeks to solve it myself. Maybe someone here has had the same problem?..hopefully. Thanks!

I’m at full stop. Are you sure it’s a Behringer UCS200? Point to a web page.


Oh, must have been one hell of a typo! Its a UCA200. Sorry

I wondered.

Pull one of the RCAs out of the UCA200 and jam your earbud connector into the end of the cable like this:

You’re listening to the mixer. Play something. Hear it? If it’s dead silence, then there may not be anything coming from the mixer.

This test will not be loud and you wouldn’t want to sit through a concert, but there will be something there on most normal sound connections – if it’s all working.

Make sure you’re plugged into the UCA Line-In. Is the UCA little green light on?


Okay. So I can hear the music through the headphones connected to the mixer and the meters light up, but when I tried the RCA cable trick, I didn’t hear a sound. Also, the green light on the usb box does light up.