Help with Behringer 404HD


I just got a Behringer 404HD. When I plug it to Windows 7, the system shows the interface as Line In 1-2 and Line In 3-4. So, I can’t use the 4 channels at the same time to record in Audacity. Any Ideas?

I think what you have is normal. To get the interface to do something on every computer, it naturally divides the channels up into groups of 2 (stereo).

The computer sees the first mounted stereo pair and runs with it.

We published a listing of working multi-channel devices and notes.

Sometimes you can add drivers or additional software to resolve the issue. Audacity will record multi-channel under some conditions. Please note it will only play back Mono or 2-channel Stereo. Full Stop. So you are flying blind (or deaf) a little. If you use this process to mix down multiple instruments into a stereo song, then this is perfectly workable.

There is another possibility. You can prepare a new Audacity program with ASIO software support. You may have notes in the Behringer instructions about this. Audacity does not easily support ASIO. You have to create a new Audacity program by compiling. If that just went over your head, then this isn’t the solution for you.


You might want to try [u]Cakewalk[/u] (formerly SONAR by Cakewalk) which is a multi-channel DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and it’s now FREE!