Help with Basic Connections with Audacity2.0

I wanted to find out if I could get some help with connecting to this program?

We have a GTDaudio UHF PLL Wireless Microphone System ( that connects to speakers. It makes raises the voice of the speaker, so that everyone in the class can hear what is being talked about. Well, we decided that we would like to record the audio and have it saved to a computer. The problem is that this wireless device has no connections for a computer. It is basically a wireless audio system. We were told that it would have to be connected to a mixer that would then connect to the computer, so we purchased a PAD10MXU Mini-Mixer (, but here’s where I got lost.

I downloaded this program and installed it for the recording. I connected the wireless system to the mini-mixer and connected the mixer to the computer. I watched the front panel of the wireless system and the bars were going up and down as sounds were made, so it works fine, but my computer is not getting anything. Now, this is all with the Audacity2.0 program open and “recording”, but nothing is either heard or recorded.

Now, the wireless system has one Audio Out socket and came with a 1/4" wire for connections. The Mini-Mixer has a few sockets and only came with a USB connection wire, but it also has other sockets. Attached is an image of it and the wireless system.

What I have been trying to use is the 1/4" wire and connect the wireless system to the mixer and then the mixer to my computer. The only 1/4" socket the mixer has is for a “MONITOR”. Is that where it’s supposed to go? Well, I have the wireless device connected with the 1/4" wire to the mixer and then the mixer connected to the computer with the USB wire that it came with. I have the Audacity2.0 program open and recording, but it is not receiving any sound.

Basically, the computer is not getting any audio. When I connect it to the computer, my computer recognizes it, but I can’t figure out how to have the audio record or forward any audio to my computer. Where am I going wrong or what am I missing? Why isn’t my computer receiving any audio? Do I have the right systems that are needed for this and/or are they connected to my computer correctly? Do the program settings need to be changed or do I need to check the settings in my computer? I’ve looked all around for some help, but when you’re using two different products from two different companies, it’s hard to find any help. This seemed like a simple set-up, but everything has backfired on me. :open_mouth:

Can I get any help? I studied photography and have been learning video as times gone by, but I know nothing about audio and that’s where this has backfired.

Thank you for any help and please feel free to ask me any questions if you don’t completely understand my problems,

No. According to the manual (available on the page that you posted the link to) that is a headphone socket.

I see that the radio set is dual channel. Do you use just one radio mic at a time, or two?
How have you been connecting the radio receiver to the speakers?