Help with Audio?

Hi - what you’re hearing below is the result of hours of work getting a really, really bad file into somewhat listenable form, for a podcast. I’m not satisfied but I’ve concluded it’s probably the best I can do.

If anyone can make it better, please do, and please let me know how you did it so I can apply to the whole file. I’m particularly concerned about the high pitched buzz in the background of the speaker’s voice, but if I do a low-pass filter I lose whatever shred of dynamics there may still be. Getting rid of that would be a great help.

I leave it to the experts, and I really appreciate it.


Can you post a similar short sample of the original, unprocessed audio?

You need a steep cut-off to just shave-off the worst digital-artefacts, but preserve as much of the voice as possible.
I used the free version of TDR Nova real-time equaliser in Audacity …

TDR Nova.gif