Help with audio recovery (Out of phase)

I was responsible for the recording of the a symposium audio. In the end of the symposium, the program (audacity) crashed, but I kept the temp files. I’m able to recover the audio file from the temp files using a program (audicity recovery tool). First I’ve tried mono, but the audio was not complete (lacks about 1 hour of the symposium), and then I moved on to stereo. I obtained 2 channels and I opened one and imported the other one. This audio file has all the symposium (even the hours that were left), but they are out of phase :frowning:

When I listen just one channel I have this breaks, kinda of jumps, what I think is normal right? When I hear both of the channels I hear two different sounds out of phase :frowning:

You guys have any idea what I can do to correct this or recovery by other better way?

Sorry for my basic english and my noobish on audacity

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

First, a common reason for crashes at the end of recording is using Audacity 1.2.6 on Windows Vista or 7. On those systems please use Audacity Beta.

You could try any of the tools listed here: .

Normally, recordings made in 1.2 recover well if you have not edited them, and if the .au files are all present in the temporary folder.

If the recording was stereo you should recover to two channels and if it was mono you should recover to one channel. If you recover a mono recording to two channels it will recover files 1,3,5,7… to one file and files 2,4,6,8… to another file.

As I assume you have at least a 2 hour recording, you may run into bugs in the recovery utilities where you have too many .au files. In any case you cannot recover more than 2000 .au files. Try sorting the .au files into time stamp order then move half of them into a new folder and recover those separately. If for some reason mono recovery works OK for what is recovered, splitting the files into two folders may help that problem too.


I know this is no help, but…

I was responsible for the recording of the a symposium audio.

For future reference… Computers are unreliable!!! A microphone or amplifier can sometimes last a lifetime with no major poblems, but a computer rarely lasts a year without some sort of hardware, software, or configuration issue. A digital recorder is a much better option is this situation, or a cassette, VHS, or DVD recorder.

If you are recording something important and there’s no possibility of “take 2”, you should always have a back-up system recording in parallel, no matter what equipment you are using!