Help with audacity and Fraps(SOLVED)

Hi i need help with my audacity recording, it seems everytime i try to record something using both fraps and audacity, audacity always takes the the sound from my emulator and records that with my voice, although this ONLY occurs when i turn fraps onto record, i’m using a headset that i just bought yesterday… could it be that? please help i want to make audacity not record game sound and only my voice :frowning:

It sounds like what you are trying to do is like asking two people to make two different telephone calls at the same time with one telephone.

Why do you need to run both FRAPS and Audacity at the same time on the same machine?

Then you need to select your headset microphone as the recording device in the Device Toolbar.

I cant do that cause both audacity and Fraps run on the same sound chip (Realtek) and since my headset is using reatek to make it even possibal to record and hear sound i cant do much about that :

NVM i found “a” solution, all i had to do was turn down the volume on the emulator itself and i dont need to use audacity if i do this cause fraps records my mic too, so…
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