Help with an M-Audio Interface being used in Audacity

So I have an M-Audio Mobile-Pre. Audacity recognizes it fine, but sometimes (about half the time) when I am overdubbing something, i’ll hit the record button, and all of my tracks that I’ve already layed down will slow down, and have a much lower pitch. The weird thing is that it does this in all audio on my computer. The Mobile-pre is essentially just an external sound card, so what would cause a sound card to slow down all audio on the computer when I hit record in audacity? :cry:

I’m using a (plenty fast) PC with Windows XP

Thanks for an ideas you may have, it’s greatly appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem.

I had a bad microphone and a bad integrated soundcard, so I thought that buying a condenser microphone and M-Audio Mobilepre would fix that problem, but now I got this…

I noticed the same problem at first with a karaoke program called Karafun. It plays the backing tracks now very very slow (even much slower than audacity plays the audio I recorded). I tried installing Asio4all and using it with Mobilepre, and whenever I doubleclicked the asio4all-icon on my topdesk the backing track on Karafun speeded up, but too much!

Help would be greatly appreciated.