Help with a USB Adapter

I have a Rode Mic NTG-1 that has a XLR Plug. I work on Windows 10 for a Dell Inspiron 17R…If anybody can give me advice on buying a USB Adapter so I can record using Audacity I would be grateful. Thanks.

My first choice is a small analog mixer and USB adapter That’s what I used here.

There are no restrictions. It will mix up to four microphones and it will do overdubbing. OK, there’s one thing wrong. It’s not portable. The mixer has no provision for batteries.

As long as you don’t need to get too fancy, the Behringer UM2 should work OK.

Both of them will supply 48 volt phantom power to run the microphone. What’s the job?


I thought I had it here. ACX AudioBook has a product recommendation or two.

ACX Equipment List
Rode NT1a microphone, MBox Mini-2 (no longer available), Fast Track Solo, and Fast Track Duo.
Microphone stand with boom, microphone shock mount and pop and blast filter. Quiet computer.


Your mic does require phantom power, so watch out for cheap interfaces without that feature.

[u]Shure[/u] and [u]Blue[/u] both offer single microphone “adapter type” USB interfaces.

A USB mixer is more versatile, or a multi-channel USB interface allows multi-track recording.

If you want to “shop around”, don’t go to a computer store… Shop somewhere that sells microphones, sound equipment, and musical instruments, etc.

I have a Shure X2U. It’s mechanically terrific, but slightly noisy and not enough gain. So at the precise point the rubber meets the road, there’s not enough rubber.

I’ve never used it where I didn’t have the microphone volume knob smashed all the way up. As I wrote to Shure, I would kill for just 10dB more gain. They said, “That’s the way it is.”

It’s not actually in the garage, but it might as well be.

The Behringer doesn’t seem to suffer from that. I’ve done some voice and music tracks with that thing and I’ve been happy. It’s supplies all the services and it doesn’t weigh anything.

I was going to post back, you have a highly directional, very good quality shotgun microphone. I’ve seen them used for studio voices, but that’s not normal. What are you doing? Do you care that the USB adapter is USB powered and doesn’t weigh anything?