Help! (Windows 10)

I had audacity open with several projects, and my computer randomly restarted. I get back and I see that no backups were created, and I had lost several hours of work. So, I curse myself out for not saving and return to work, right? Well, I attempted to open the projects again and I get an error that says all of my block files are missing for three different projects. Now, when I try to check logs, I get error upon error and the application crashes (with no log being created). I checked the names of the folders, checked the text of the aup files, and everything seems to be in place. All of the block files are there. I could really use someone who knows what they are doing more than I here, and I can email all the files to anyone who thinks they can help me. Just PM me please. Thank you.

Do you know why? A random shutdown that has no explanation suggests a serious system fault. Does your computer “randomly restart” very often?

It had shutdown to apply updates. I didn’t schedule it. This doesn’t typically happen but is not entirely unprecedented.

Also, when this has happened a couple times before, backups were created or it was automatically saved.

Oh the joys of Windows :unamused:
At least it’s not a system fault.

That’s not sounding good.

Stepping back a couple of paces…

Did you open existing (saved) projects, or were they new projects?

You can set Windows so that it doesn’t do that - it errs (defaults) in the safe side and applies updates when required for security.

And Mac does similar - so it’s not a “Microsoft thing”



These were existing projects, ranging from a couple weeks to several months old.

Also, upon further inspection, it’s possible the block files were scattered across different data folders, or jumbled up. Without the logs though, it’s hard for me to put them back together. Even with the logs it would take forever. :frowning:

Windows tends to be quite assertive about “Shutting down now, ready or not!”
macOS tends to nag you to restart.
Linux keeps running until you tell it to stop.

Do the project’s “_data” folders still contain “.au” data files (if you drill down through the sub-directories)?

Windows offer comprehensive controls to manage this

  1. On the basic updates screen you can set you core working hours - and it will not interrupt for updates in those hours. Mine is set for 08:00 to 17:00 (I should probably extend that)

  2. also here you can stop (Pause) all up dates for 7 days

I do note from here that I do have important updates which are on hold till my active hours end. I may go and set those running right now …

3) On the “Advanced Option” for updates you get an option for

Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is needed to install an update. Windows will display a notice before the restart and the device must be in and plugged in.

I have that turned “off” on my PCs

You can also pause all updates for up to 35 days - I have that turned “off”.

So it’s quite easy to stop Microsoft being “assertive” if one wishes - they tend to err on the side of safety (as we often do in Audacity functionality).


Mac has similar control settings for update control - but not as sophisticated as the Windows controls

:unamused: :laughing:


Two of them do, one does not.