HELP! what`s "Error 30: read only file system" ??

Hey guys,

I`m trying to export a file on Audacity as a WAV file, but when I do it gives me a message “Error 30: read only file system” what does that mean??
I even downloaded the MP3 lame encoder and tried to bounce it as MP3 file but i get a message saying “unable to open target file for writing”

How can I solve this problem, I would be grateful for a solution :slight_smile:

Thank you all,


Make sure you have installed Audacity correctly.

1 Double-click the downloaded DMG to mount it

2 Then to install Audacity, copy the “Audacity” folder from the newly mounted DMG to /Applications or any other location of your choosing.

Then run Audacity from /Applications, not from the DMG.

If the issue persists, try changing the directory you are exporting to - choose somewhere you have permission to write to, like your Desktop.