help using this audacity 2.0

i am having real issues here, and i should have kept using the older version rather thsn update. i have windows 7, and the problems with recording:

  1. it keeps saying mics disabled, and after enabling nothing.
  2. it appears to be recording but on playback there is no sound although it cycles through the used time.
    3… i cant set the levels for the mics as it seems to pick up the signals but i cant set the levels.
  3. on line input, i can’t set the recording levels. also the same thing on dig mic reg ulars, 2chanel line input. it seems to be recording but no sound.
    thank you :smiley:

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If you previously had a recent version of Audacity 1.3.x then I doubt that it has anything to do with Audacity because little changed between the last version of 1.3.x and 2.0.In fact Audacity 2.0 inherits settings from 1.3.x so it should behave exactly the same as how 1.3.x was set up.
If you previously had 1.2.6 or earlier then it’s surprising that it ever worked on Windows 7.

Are you trying to record from the microphone?
What sort of microphone?
How is the mic connected to the computer?
Do you have Skype or any other voip program running?

i am recording using the available mics in the fourth drop down window in the middle of the audacity display. no skype, but plugged the aux input into computer for external load and nothing. no sound, even when using dropdown window direct on first box
no idea what going on.

yes i am trying to record from the onboard mic in the computer. no skype. nothing else running. have tried all combinations of the four drop boxes in the middle of audacity 2.0 display with no luck. :bulb: :stuck_out_tongue:

What does that mean?

I can’t see your computer. What are those options - what do they say?

for some reason when computer starts up, the media manager services icon shows a line through it. after trying to get it going, it seems okay. the intellsonic mic has to be enabled on start up, and then it says “will be enables for next session.” when starting audacity, it is “disabled” again. yes, you cant see my computer, i dont know so that makes it tough. :smiley:

See here:

Sorry, I’ve no idea what an “intellsonic mic” is.

i trying all kinds of things to record and nothing works. this is a pain in the ass, are there any other recording devices i can download that might e compatible with windows xp :smiling_imp: :astonished:

Windows includes a really simple recording program called “Sound Recorder”.
It can only record 60 seconds of audio by default, but if you can get that to work then we should be able to quite easily transfer that ability to Audacity.
You should be able to find plenty of information about how to use Sound Recorder if you do a quick Google search.

This approach may be helpful as it removes any complications that may be due to Audacity settings so the only thing that you need be concerned with is your computer and XP.

will give it a whirl steve-i want to thank you for being so gracious with a tech-less savy fellow.