help to record music

hi audacity folk—windows 10, latest version aud. i have managed to get old audio tapes into computer. please explain to non tech old fellow,how to insert track numbers into the music which has been recorded as one track. this is necessary to burn to cd in windows media player. --thanks ron/

I’ve never burned a CD with WMP, but I believe the tracks are burned in the order that they appear in WMP.

I use [u]ImgBurn[/u] and a [u]Cue Sheet[/u]. With a cue sheet you can control exactly where the track-markers are located. You can use a cue sheet to make a CD from one-big WAV file with track markers wherever you want, which is handy for live recordings.

The easiest way to make a cue sheet is to copy one of the examples and edit it with Windows Notepad.

Note that audio CDs don’t support tags/metadata (embedded song, artist, album, etc.). When you play a CD on a computer the software takes a “fingerprint” of the CD and looks for the information in an online database. But of course, your homemade CD isn’t in the database.

There is something similar to metadata called [u]CD-Text[/u] but most regular CD players don’t support it so even if the CD has it you usually just see the track number. If you want to add CD-Text t your burned CD you’ll have to find a tutorial.

Or you can add a label for each song and use Export Multiple

See this tutorial from the Audacity Manual:


thanks for info—ron/