Help to improve audio quality of old tape

Hello! I am relatively new to Audacity and have recently come across an old cassette tape with some audio recordings that are not in the best condition. The audio quality is quite poor and filled with noise and other artifacts. I’m hoping to find some assistance in using the Audacity software to enhance the audio and make it more listenable. Is there any way it can be improved?

Here is a 3ish minute sample to provide a better understanding of the audio issue: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

As I’m not very familiar with Audacity’s features and tools, any guidance and tips on the specific steps or filters that can be applied to improve the audio would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Improving the audio quality of old cassette recordings in Audacity is possible with some effort. virginia Here’s a general approach you can consider:

  1. Noise Reduction: Use the Noise Reduction effect to remove constant background noise.
  2. Equalization (EQ): Adjust the EQ to enhance frequencies that are affected by the noise.
  3. Click and Pop Removal: Use the Click Removal effect to address clicks and pops.
  4. Compression: Apply light compression to balance audio levels.
  5. Normalization: Normalize the audio to a consistent level.

For more specific guidance, here’s what you can do with your sample:

  1. Import the audio into Audacity.
  2. Select a portion with just noise (no speech/music).
  3. Go to Effect > Noise Reduction and click “Get Noise Profile.”
  4. Select the entire track.
  5. Go to Effect > Noise Reduction again and adjust settings.
  6. Experiment with EQ, Click Removal, Compression, and Normalization.
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