Help to identify what is the BEST tools for Audio Book.

Hello I recently helped to record an audio book for a friend, being that I have some knowledge of working with Live speaking events but this is a new beast for me. Any and all direction is very much appreciated. I’ve added on some of the equalization tools mentioned throughout other posts but still have a weird distant empty room sounding file on my hands. Not echoing at all…just almost like she’s too far away from the mic and boosting the audio just boosts this noise as well. I’ve tried reducing some of the noise based on suggestions in here but it still doesn’t quite get the audio there.

Thank you for your time…this is a great forum and I have learned a lot.

Here is a sample of the work:

I can’t listen right this second, but most people fail noise. Noise Reduction, if you use too much, sounds like talking into a milk jug or wine glass. You can’t fix that later. Once you do that the only cure is announce it again in a quieter room.

I’ll listen when I get home.


Thanks for a good long sample.

Flash First Impression.

Somebody hit a button wrong and you’re recording from the laptop microphone and not the performance microphone. That’s where the room echo is coming from. The rest of the distortion is too much noise reduction. That’s the wine glass sound.

Depending on the laptop, both of those can be computer settings. Conference Call settings can sound like that. Does this machine have Skype? Skype Does Not Play Well With Others. Shut it down completely before trying to record good quality voice.

On the up side, the performance volume is almost perfect. That’s actually suspect. Someone with that much damage should have wrong voice volume, too. Is this your corrections?

You can do the scratch test. Do you know where your laptop microphone is? Start recording and scratch that and then scratch your performance microphone.

Are we going to play ‘Telephone’ now? How far away are you two? We tell you something and then you tell them something and then they tell you something…


Can we get a post of a completely uncorrected recording?



Two prerequisites for a good audiobook recording:

  1. A very quiet and substantially echo-free recording location.
  2. A strong, clean signal from the microphone to the computer.

Those are the two things that you need to address first.


Thank you so much for your response, I apologize as I didn’t respond sooner because I was traveling. But I think that the culprit might be that although I was using a USB Microphone (Yeti) but the settings were probably still set to be using the microphone on the laptop. At least as soon as you said that, I don’t know if those settings were changed.

As far as some corrections that were applied, I had gone to a previous post that I found in this forum where you were helping someone else with their edits and I applied those corrections to the audios and that’s probably some of the reason for the fixing of some of the issues but not the main one which is of having used the wrong microphone. We were both sitting in the same room hence the reason for the echo in the room.

Thanks for the explanation and feedback…

Thank you Steve as well for the information.