help to clear up vocals

im new to audacity and am doing a project on what we do at home alone. So im doing vocal recordings. I have a recording and am trying to clear up the voice. Its in the distance slightly and its high pitched sort of boardering on a whisper though. I want to clear it up to hear the words but i dont know how. I have tried the equaliser from watching youtube vids but its not helping. I am unsure of what settings the equaliser should be for this particular vocal?? Is anyone able to help? I have cleared the background noise i just need to clear up the vocal.

There is no simple way to clear up a voice. Sometimes you can get Equalization > Telephone preset to help a little.

Usually a mid-range boost on the equalizer helps a bit, and the noise removal tool can work wonders if used correctly. Do you have a sample of the file? I could try cleaning it up.