Help to add mod-script-pipe module once Audacity built [SOLVED]

Good Afternoon,

I have successfully built the latest version of Audacity on Win 10 and I am now trying to add the mod-script-pipe, I’m not a developer and I couldn’t find detailed instructions on how to add the module. Based on the instructions I’m supposed to open a vcproject file but I couldn’t find it. In the lib-src folder there is a mod-script-pipe folder with some makefiles, could you please indicate what commands I should type in the prompt? And what are the steps to follow after that?

Thank you very much!

On Windows I’ve only used the GUI version of Visual Studio, so I can only provide instructions for that.

I assume that you are using the full source code for Audacity 2.3.1 alpha from GitHub.

Modules must be built on the same day as Audacity, so I’d suggest that you “clean” the solution first, then build Audacity again.
When you’ve done that, proceed with the following, allowing sufficient time to finish before midnight.

In the “Build” menu, select “Configuration Manager”.
Scroll down the list until you can see mod-script-pipe, and enable it in the “build” column.
Close the Configuration Manager and select “Rebuild Solution” in the build menu.

When the build is complete, launch Audacity and enable mod-script-pipe in “Preferences > Modules”.
Restart Audacity.
Mod-script-pipe should now be enabled.

That worked! Thank you very much!

Excellent :smiley:
I’ll close this topic as “solved”.