Help! Stereo recording problem

Hello, I’ve tried record digital piano Yamaha P-125 stereo sound. Only left side played. Could you help please?
I can hear stereo in headphones and I’ve tried both headphone port and L+R port.
Interface m-track duo

Update: Problem solved

Close the question please

For the benefit of anyone else with the same problem - what fixed it? Different leads?

I’ve tried two mono cables and worked. But I still don’t understand why single stereo cable does not work, especially in the headphones jack :slight_smile:

The TRS connection (output) on the keyboard is stereo. The TRS connections (inputs) on the interface are balanced “mono” so you have to connect both inputs. Usually channel-1 is left and channel-2 is right.

From your picture, it looks as though you are using two 1/8" to 1/4" adapters. I have had unreliable connections with these adapters in the past. You may find that a single 1/4" cable end-to-end will prove much more reliable.