Hi, I just started using this program and can record, but when I listen to it it is very staticy. Almost :question:
Any tips? thx

Record through a “line-in” socket rather than a “mic” socket.
If you’re recording with a microphone, you should go through a mixing desk or mic. pre-amp before connecting to your sound card.

Check your recording levels:
Record at a reasonably loud level (but not too high).
Take care not to overload the input - (don’t allow the input level to run to maximum.

Use a decent microphone (if using a microphone)
Specify the audio input (for example “line-in” rather than “what-u-hear”)

Note that most on-board sound cards have poor quality inputs, and very poor quality microphone inputs.
Most “computer microphones” are rubbish, and only suitable for low quality voice recording.

[EDIT] That’s weird - either this topic has been split, or the original post has been changed - these comments are general points about poor sound quality, which was the subject in hand when I wrote them.

I have the same issue, but only when recording streaming audio off the net. I ran a test with a CD, but had no problem there; it was nice. I’m recording via the “stereo mix” input with both the streaming and when I record with the CD. I am using Winamp to play the audio the first time through and am listening to my results with Audacity.
Any ideas?
Actually, upon re-listening, the “distortion” sounds like a poor connection of sorts, with the snap, crackle, and pop of a frayed wire. But there’s no wires!! And it sounds crystal clear when I’m just playing it, only getting the added noise after recording.

I’m stumped.

I think I solved my own problem:
Although all audio is being run through Winamp, and although the volume coming out my speakers sounds fine whether streaming or playing CD, I found that LOWERING THE VOLUME (heh, ironic use of caps there) within Winamp when streaming makes for nice clear recordings.
The volume was just too loud for Audacity, although it wasn’t too loud for anything/anybody else!

problem solved.