Help setting Audio Host, no option to record from Internet


I tried to set up Audacity to record sound from Internet; however, the setting “Audio Host” does not have an option to record from Internet. It does not show the WASAP option, for instance, used in Win8.1. Its default is “Core Audio” with no other option. How can I set it up to record from internet?

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Mac OS X does not offer the Windows WASAPI host for the simple reason that it is not a Windows computer. Apple does not even allow recording the sound as it’s playing on the sound card in the way that stereo mix does on Windows.

However you can capture the sound before it gets to the sound card using Soundflower, then set Audacity to record from Soundflower. See Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Mac - Audacity Manual .


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Thank you for answering my post. It is very helpful. I was hoping to be able to listen to what the browser is playing, while recording, without having Audacity record also the external sound of my microphone. It would be helpful to listen what is being recorded to know when to stop the recording. Anyways, if there is no way to isolate the microphone and listen to the browser, I will use it as is.

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Have you followed Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Mac to the letter? You should not be able to record the internal microphone if you choose the “Soundflower (2ch)” input in Audacity’s Device Toolbar .

To hear what the web browser is playing while recording, follow the instructions in the Tutorial to turn off Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity, then open Soundflowerbed and under “Soundflower (2ch)”, click on “Built-in Audio”.


You can totally do that. Macs allow one device at a time switching and the play and record sides are independent. Koz

What can you totally do - record the built-in microphone from the Soundflower input?

You can do it if you are recording the built-in mic in some other application then using Rogue Amoeba LineIn to play that recording through the sound card.

Do you have a method to do that using only Audacity to record?