Help Resetting Preferences

in matters a bit complicated to get into, my Audacity will not give me any audio. I’ve concluded that it must be a preferences problem because I’ve tried everything I could think of as well as many suggestions in my input and output devices. When I try resetting preferences by installing a version after uninstalling, I get a notification informing me that some settings could not be reset and I would have to do it manually. I’ve heard that there is a file that will delete all preferences if I enter into the file as a text document and delete certain portions. Hopefully this is making sense.

To make a long story short: How do I find this file and what do I delete to get my preferences back to the original unaltered form?

Scroll down. They’re different for each platform.


Are you sure this is not a Windows message that some files could not be deleted from the Audacity installation folder? This would happen if you have Audacity running while uninstalling it.

My guess is that Audacity preferences have been reset if you put a checkmark in the Audacity installer to do that.

This was explained to you in your previous topic, but here is a direct anchor link which may make it easier for you: .

So the audacity.cfg file you need is at UsersAppDataRoamingAudacity , but you will not be able to find that file until you show hidden files and folders (as described in the instructions).

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