Help Removing Lyrics?

I’ve tried using all the tutorials and walk throughs on Youtube, but nothing seems to help.
I’m positive I’m using all the right steps the editors used, but it just dims the lyrics down and muds the track up.

As indicated in this “Frequently Asked Question” response:

This is only possible for > certain stereo tracks> .

For the technique to work the following conditions must be met, (otherwise it does not work):

  1. The recording must be stereo.
  2. The vocal must be panned dead centre of the mix.
  3. The instruments (backing) must be panned to the sides.
  4. There should be no (or minimal) stereo effects on the vocal track.
  5. The recording must have a clear stereo separation.

These conditions are frequently met on old recordings but due to changing fashions are rarely met on modern recordings where large amounts of stereo effects and low quality MP3s have become the norm.