help removing crackle (not a constant background noise)

Can someone please tell me how to remove a crackle from my sermon audio recording?

It is not a constant background crackle but is only present when I am speaking (in other words there is no place where I can isolate it and make a noise profile).

the sample is attached

You can’t fix that with noise reduction. Something is clipping (or otherwise distorting), and it is happening before the audio gets to Audacity. Zoom into the waveform around 2.53 seconds and you can see it.

Describe your recording chain in detail, from microphone to computer.

– Bill

Thanks Bill,

I’m using a wireless microphone, and running a line out from an amplifer box (RCA to 3.5mm) into the headphone socket of a mac.

It doesn’t happen with every recording just occasionally.

Is there anything I can do to improve the file now that I have it?

You’ll need software with automatic de-click, (not Audacity) , like Brian Davies click-repair …
Click/pop removal - ClickRepair software [IIRC 21 day free trial]

The headphone socket? That’s an output, you want an input to the mac. What mac? Laptop or desktop? What year and model?
What make and model of “amplifier box”?
Have you checked the batteries on the wireless mic?

– Bill