help removeing vocal from music.

hi thair im very new to this site so forgive me ,im working on some music for a festavel this summer and despratly need to remove some vocals from an old peace of music but have no idear how iv read the P.D.F but cant seem to find whot im looking for please can any one help mybee send me a pdf to or let me no how to do this.many thanks dan. :smiley:

Please don’t double post Dan, it only wastes people’s time and annoys them (all the folks on here are unpaid volunteers giving their time freely to help others).

And BTW double posting doesn’t get your question answered quicker - I have already posted a reply to your other identical post!

And apart from anything else - this section is for people who don’t like the forum colors, or hate the smilies etc… :slight_smile:


post deleted

I have deleted the above post and sent a “warning” to the above poster - as all I got back was a torrent of abuse, including 4-letter word swearing.