Help recovering an Audacity project

So let me start by saying I’m still new to Audacity so i don’t fully know how things work.
I was working on an Audacity file, and saved it. When i went to open it again and a message came up saying “couldn’t find the project data folder”. So now there is a folder on my desktop with my project’s name followed my “_data” The file contains 84 .au files. I read on another forum that you have to manually piece these files together. I tried the audacity recovery tool, but it just gave some error. How can i recover my project?? This is very important to me!!

An audacity project has multiple parts. The “.aup” file is the “Audacity project file” that contains instructions for Audacity, that tells Audacity how to assemble the audio data. The audio data is normally in a “_data” folder. If you don’t have the complete project (the project file AND the audio data), then it is not going to work.

See here for how to handle Audacity projects safely:

To create a normal audio file, use “Export”: