HELP! Recover a track

Hi everybody!
Last night I was inspired and recorded a tune roughly on audacity and saved it. Then another idea came to my head; recorded it and saved it over the previous one, but I didn’t notice.
Today when I checked the tunes I realized I’ve lost the first tune and I can’t remember it. I’ve tried to search for temp arch, used recuva and all that but it seems the file is missing. Can someone tell me how to recover the tune?


The “Save” command produces an Audacity project.
To create a normal audio file you would use the “Export” command.

Audacity does not allow you to save over an existing “project”, though (obviously) it does allow you to save the current project after you have made changes to it.

From your description I am unclear about what exactly you have done.

If you “saved” the project, then deleted the first track and “saved” the project again, then you have updated the project and the updated version does not have the original track (because you deleted it). If this is the case, then the first track has gone forever, because you deleted it and then overwrote the original with the new version.

If you “exported” the second song with the same file name as the first song, then there would have been a pop-up warning that you were overwriting a file and asked if you really want to do that.

Then I probably deleted it. Damn it!
Thanks for your response anyway! :wink: