Help Recording with audacity

Hello, can someone help me? So I’ve been trying to record my own mixes to listen and get feedback. I’ve been trying to use audacity but Everytime I go to record it, it sounds distorted. I’m using a ddj-400 with two rca splitters to run sound to the speakers and the other splitter is connected to an rca to aux, plugged into my headphone jack on my laptop. But again when I hit record it still sounds like it’s only recording through the laptop mic. How can I fix this? It’s like the software isn’t recognizing it as a line in. How do I fix this?

It has been said many times on the forum that modern laptops with only one multi-purpose 3.5 socket do not input a stereo signal correctly. They often have stereo output but only mono input ( designed to support a headset microphone only and not suitable for a line level input). You may need a usb audio interface and there is plenty of choice depending on the quality of audio file you want to achieve.
In order to establish exactly what inputs and outputs are working run mmsys.cpl from the run option in the start menu or via a command windows. This will allow you to see, test, and configure available recording and playback devices.

This is a Behringer UCA-202 stereo USB adapter. That’s my stereo mixer on the right.

This may be the best all-around solution. Good quality, stereo, bi-directional, local monitoring, and not very expensive. It’s one of the devices certified to work with overdubbing sound-on-sound. I have two.

Doesn’t matter what the computer is. It works with Mac, Windows, and I’m guessing Linux.

The question comes up what to do with the modern Macs that don’t have any connections. Jury’s out.


I wouldn’t do quality analysis on earbuds. They were pretty for the picture.