Help recording windchimes


I am trying to tune in individual tube chimes to certain notes , G,A,#B etc. I have read that this can be done using audacity. I have never used this program. Is there a step by step help tutorial somewhere?


While you could do that, it would be pretty painful. I’d be using one of those guitar-tuner apps for your iPhone.

Help recording windchimes…

…I am trying to tune in individual tube chimes to certain notes

Recording or tuning???

Audacity can generate tones, which you can match by ear. Generate → Tone. Choose a sine waveform for a pure reference tone with no harmonics.

You can save each tone in Audacity, or you can Export the results to audio files (WAV or MP3, etc.) which you can play on Windows Media Player.

As far as I know, Audacity doesn’t “know” anything about musical notes, so you’ll need to refer to a [u]Note-Frequency Conversion Chart[/u] to find the frequencies for the notes you want.

If the tuning works like an [u]organ pipe[/u] (I’m not sure), you can calculate the required lengths of the tubes from the wavelength of each desired frequency (related to the speed of sound in air).

Audacity may not know too much about notes (vapart from the pitch spectrum, which you should consult to Display the pitches from your rcorded tubes), Nyquist does.
You can produce a midi-note by entering

(abs-env (osc c5 1))

c5 can be replaced by the notes you want. The “1” means one s, which can be changed too (0.5 3.333 etc).
This gives you of course only pure sine waves. However, it is possible to generate tones that Sound more like chimes, if you want to ensure that the final tubes have the desired harmony you’ve been looking for.