Help! Recording levels!!

My first time using Audacity on Windows… I’m running Windows XP… Trying to record from Sony (home) cassette player and am hooked up so that I get audio on Audacity correctly but my levels are peaking and clipping way off the charts and I have me recording level barely at 0.1!! Can someone please help me how to lower output if there is no output level on this cassette player??? Thank you…

Let me predict the past. You connected either the HiFi jacks or the Headphone Out of the cassette machine to your WinXP Laptop Mic-In.

Those two systems were never intended to be connected like that. As you noticed, that produces terrible overload and crunchy sound and you can’t stop it.

There is no good easy way to connect these two systems without adding a device so we generally recommend the Behringer UCA202 USB stereo audio adapter.

That’s the short version. For the longer, boring version…