HELP! recording from tapes to computer/cd

I am trying to record from my cassette deck on my mini hi-fi onto computer, prior to putting on MP3.

I have connected the tape deck to the line in on my computer (setting sound card to line in on computer) and also ensuring that the sound is not on mute, but I am still not recording any sound. It is showing that it is recording but when I am playing back there is just a straight line.

I understand some things on the computer, but obviously not this - am I a bit thick or what!

PLEASE could anyone give me some advice/help.

:frowning: Thanks a lot - Sue Parrish

You seem to be “almost there”.
Things to check will depend on your exact set-up:
Windows XP / Vista / Mac
Audacity version?
What sound card?
What wires you have connected?
Anything else that may help to present a clear picture of your set-up?

Hi there

Thanks very much for the posting.

  • Windows XP
  • Audacity version 1.3 Beta
  • Sound card SoundMAX Digital Audio
  • Wires connected as per Help and Instructions on Audacity, i.e. RCA to 3.5mm stereo mini (Y cable) and line in on computer

I would appreciate any more advice.

Thanks a lot - Sue :frowning:

How to test for whether Audacity is receiving a signal.
Open up Audacity. There are a pair of level meters (meter tool bar) near the top of the Audacity window

Right click on the right hand meter (the recording level meter) and enable metering. When you get a signal, this meter will jump into life. (Note that if you go into preferences to change anything, the meter may switch off automatically)

Setting up your sound card.
Many sound cards on Windows use the “Windows Mixer” to set the record and playback options, however, SoundMax sound cards usually use a custom interface instead. Look in the icons near the clock (you may need to switch the “auto hide” off so that you can see them all). You are looking for the SoundMax control panel - it may look like a loudspeaker, or perhaps a red and white icon. You need to set the recording input to “Line in” (check that your tape player is connected to the “line in” socket). You should be able to set the recording level in the same place.

The guide that I have done for recording cassette to CD’s using Audacity was done on XP so may prove useful, it starts here:
and goes through the stages step-by-step with screen-shots - it is done alongside an example of how to do the same with Magix Audio Cleaning, so when it comes to the software bit, take a look at the right-hand column…