Help recording at the end of an existing file. [SOLVED]

If I open up an existing audio file and want to add something to the end of the file, is there a way I can do this without Audacity adding it as another track? i.e.

I have used CoolEdit 2000 for years and when I have a file I need to add something to (i.e. I’m talking about recording voice audio) I simply click at the end of that opened file and start talking (or recording) and it records that audio at the end of that file. With Audacity when I click at the end of an audio file Audacity always records the new audio as a separate track. I then have to copy and paste it into my file above and then delete the new track. I want to be able to record audio at the end like I have in CoolEdit, all together in the same track I have opened. Is it possible? Can it be done? if so, how?


Use Append Record. Shift-R.


Thanks! That works!