Help! quality preference settings

Hello - I am a complete beginner with audio editing. I have to edit an mp3 speech and save it in a specific format. mp3, 32kbit, 22050 sample. The original file is an mp3 showing a sample rate of 8000. When I try and change the sample rate to 22050, it shrinks the audio so it’s very fast. Can anyone help?

Change the sample rate with the little window lower left.

You know this is going to sound pretty awful, right? MP3-32 is barely OK for human speech assuming no other damage. You already have MP3 compression damage plus terrible originating sample rate.

So it’s super bad AM radio – if that. I hope that’s OK.


Thank you Koz for the swift response. I already tried that but it did not seem to work. The options to the left of the wave form still showed the old 8000 sample rate. I don’t have a choice in the settings, it’s a job requirement from the client. I tried changing the rate from the preferences section to the left of the wave, and it compressed the audio to a fast, high pitch not usable?

Change the “Project Rate” in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window (as described by Koz). This does not automatically change the sample rate of the track, but it sets the sample rate for the exported file.
When you export, select MP3 as the file format in the Export dialogue screen and click on the Options button to set the bit rate to 32 kbps in the CBR options.