HELP-Putting several songs in one file

Hello, I’m new to this program. What I’m trying to do is save about 10 songs in one file so it can be uploaded as one file to a slide show. I made a slide who on Smilebox and it only lets me upload my own music in one file so I have to figure out how to put about 10 songs together in one file but also be able to edit the time of each song to correspond to the category in the slide show. Does this make sense? Can anyone guide me how to do this.


One way is to import all of your songs. They will arrive all stacked up and play at the same time. Use the SOLO and MUTE buttons to the left of each track to turn it on and off.

Use the Time Shift Tool (two black sideways arrows) to push song two so it starts at the end of song one. Repeat with song three so it starts after song two is done. That leaves you with each song on its own timeline playing one after the other so you can carefully trim it until it matches the duration of its slide.

And yes, it’s probably a bad idea to decide song two has to change after you get most of the way finished. The change will ripple through most of the songs.

When you finish lining everything up, just File > Export. Audacity will smash all the timeline tracks into one song when it exports. Understand you can’t go back and re-edit the mix from the Export. To do that you also have to Save an Audacity Project. The Audacity Project will keep all the stacked up tracks just as they were.

Managing Projects is a little magic. It’s multiple files, not one sound file like your show Export.