Help – project got split into thousand little eff files


I’ve spent a week editing my podcast and it’s now been split

The error message says it won’t open.

The working file seem to have disappeared but I have the AUP file, plus it’s all saved on to little files beginning with eff.

I was saving it into a folder that was backed up on iCloud so I think maybe that was my original error.

Please help – this is so many hours of work gone and I’m really worried.

It’s normal for an [u]AUP project[/u] to contain many small files and you can get-into trouble if you move things around. You may be able to recover if you can get everything back into the original folder(s).

I always recommend that export to WAV immediately after recording whether you make an AUP project or not. WAV files are more foolproof, simply because you have one (or more) complete, stand-alone file(s).

Beyond that, you can use more frequent backups, distributed backups, etc., depending on how important or irreplaceable the file is.

Hi, I will be saving into a wav. file in future – thanks. I now have located the ‘working’ file as well as the eff file.

So I have

and then the ‘eff’ file with all the bits. Can you help from here please?

Open the .aup file in a text editor (TextEdit) and read it. It should have semi-English programming words in it similar to this.

Your arrangement may be different. This one was prettied up for the picture.

It should not be blank and it should not have tons of all one character. Do Not save anything.


Thank you SO much! Renaming the file worked once I’d found the data file and put it back next to the .aup. So grateful for your help!

I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I tried opening one of the eff files in text edit and changing the name of the file but nothing happened. The files are split into three folders titled: d1e, d1f, d1d.

Any other tips?

I tried opening one of the eff files in text edit and changing the name of the file but nothing happened.

Yes. it did. Your damage got worse.

Can you put it back?

A legacy Audacity project has an AUP project manager text file and a _DATA folder with millions of tiny sound snippets. The two need to be in the same location or folder, they must have the same name, and it needs to be the name you gave them in Audacity.

Double click the AUP file or select it > Open With > Audacity and the show should open. Post back what happens.