Help Please

Hello, I accidentally deleted my audacity and all the files. I purchased a program to retrieve the files and reinstalled my audacity. I tried to open my project and it just keeps telling me to open the project file. The data file is there as well as the aup file Help

How are you doing that?

What is the full and exact message?

It says error importing thecheerleadermom1.aup is an Audacity Project file use the file Open - I am using the open file.

That can happen if the .aup file is corrupt.
If you attach the “thecheerleadermom1.aup” file to your reply we can take a look and tell you if that’s the problem.
See here for how to attach a file to your post:

Thank you
The Cheerleader Mom 1.aup (161 KB)

I am praying I dont have to re- record as I had a guest on the show

That’s not good news.

A normal AUP file contains a semi-English programming language. It’s the show manager.

It’s supposed to look like this.

The show name is burned into it. That’s the little red box up at the top-right.

Yours looks like this.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 17.23.06.png
I don’t know where to go with that. We should wait for a senior elf.

When I’m done with a recording, I Export a perfect quality WAV sound file before I do anything else.

File > Export > Export as WAV
Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 17.28.46.png
That only works with a stereo or mono recording, but still. That’s a lot better than trying to piece an Audacity Project back together.


Unfortunately that file is corrupt and not repairable. The first (one) character is correct (#3C) , but then the rest is garbage.

Unless you have another backup copy of the recording, there may be no other option.

For important interviews like that one, you can make a backup recording using a stand-alone sound recorder.

Or turn the alarms off on your phone and set that recording using your voice recorder app.


This is a raw capture I did as a breakfast interview. I just laid the phone on the table microphone up. This is Apple’s Voice Memo.

This is with no processing or noise reduction.


This is the same interview with moderate noise reduction and the Audiobook Mastering Suite.

There was a recent poster who did all her captures with a stand-alone Zoom H2 recorder. Jury’s out on whether she was double recording that way but that’s the way I do it.


And to bring this back around, the interview is still there on my phone as I type this. Automatic Backup. I only delete stuff when I absolutely have to and then only if I have perfect copies in two other places.