Help Please :)

SOooooooo I made my first vocal/ guitar recording last night and it was awesome! However, I am trying to save it and put it to a video… The problem is that when I export the audio, it only plays the guitar and none of my layered vocals? I cant figure out why and am completely technology illiterate so please help!!! :astonished:

How about we just give you regular help?

When you File > Export, audacity will include all the sound tracks stacked one over the other that are not muted. So if you are overdubbing to get all the different voice and and instruments, make sure none of them have the MUTE button on the left pushed.

Also, use straight Export. Not Export Selected. You can steer and modify Export Selected, Regular Export sweeps up everything.

There is a much more magic possibility. It’s possible to record vocals so they vanish in a mono mix. This usually happens when you wire or connect a microphone wrong.

Step one. Post a screen capture of your Audacity so we can see the stack of tracks (attached. Scroll or click the graphic).

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 13.56.39.png