Help Please

I have a audio file I have been trying for hours to manage to pull out the vocals or remove the background noise would someone be so kind to help me please this is very important. The file is large so please download from my dropbox and thank you to all that looks at this and achieve what I can not do.

The file is garbage. Noise can’t be removed without removing the wanted audio if noise is spread across the entire frequency spectrum and is much louder than the wanted audio.

Vocals can’t be removed with Audacity’s Vocal Removal (or most vocal removal plug-ins) with a mono track - stereo is needed. There is too much garbage in all frequencies to use frequency methods to remove the vocals. The same applies to isolating the vocals.

In sum, get a better stereo copy of the song or buy a karaoke or an a cappella version of it online (depending what you are looking for).


Thanks Gale for looking

I am not inspecting the best, was hoping to get the last little bit cleared some to understand what was being said in those few seconds. Or I would also take suggestions to what anyone can make it out to be.

You would need commercial tools of the calibre used in audio forensics to decipher anything from that.