Help please

I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.05. I’m also a complete novice with matters of sound and recording etc…
However, I’ve managed to record some old audio tapes onto the computer as MP3 files and transferred them to CD. I haven’t a clue what MP3 means.
The CD replays perfectly on the computer but will not play on any other CD players that I have which, admittedly, are quite old.

Clearly, something is wrong but I don’t know what. Can anyone help ?


See if this article fills in the knowledge gaps:

Help > About Audacity… should say 2.0.5 (two decimal places). If it says 2.05 please download the correct 2.0.5 version here: .

I had written out the “knowledge gaps” at the same time Steve was writing, so I may as well post them so you can see your two mistakes. :slight_smile:

You want to set the CD burner to burn an “Audio CD” or “Music CD”, not a “Data CD”, and for burning audio CD you want to export WAV from Audacity, not MP3.

WAV is a large file but perfect quality. MP3 is a lossy format that throws away audio quality to make the file small. When you burn an audio CD the burner may refuse MP3 or may expand the MP3 so it is as large as WAV but the quality will still be lossy compared to the original. So you need to export as WAV.


Many thanks for your help.

I am using version 2.0.5 and exporting as a WAV file solved the immediate problem, so everything’s fine now (for a while). I’m sure that the more I learn the less I’ll know !!