Help Please> trouble playing 192k flac files

Hello. Hoping someone’s heard of this, as I haven’t been able to Google my way out of it! :smiley:
I had this problem when trying to edit (simple trimming) 192k files I recorded from a stream… BUT I’ve confirmed the same issue with any of the 192k flacs I bought from HD-Tracks.

The ONLY way to play a section of a file is to select Less Than 10 seconds of it, then hit the play button in the toolbar. And it only plays <10sec. All the other ways you can get playback with other resolution files don’t work.
All is good with any other type flac file.
I started with 2.2.0, then 2.2.1, then 2.2.2 beta. Uninstalled and deleted any audacity files I could find, rebooted between, etc. (couldn’t find any registry entries after uninstall to clean up)

Anyway, can’t find any Audacity settings to help me. Pretty reasonable machine: Dell XPS 13 with 8gb ram and very fast ssd. Had no trouble recording the streams.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks folks!

How did you record them?

Not sure I could describe well… But, not really pertinent, as the problem is for any 192k flac file (I have several I bought, downloaded from HD-Tracks).

Does this 192 kHz 24-bit FLAC file work for you?

Yes, but maybe because <10 seconds? Thanks.

and here’s a big one (122 MB):

Nope. Only if I select <10 seconds. Weird, huh?

If I change the “Project Rate” in the lower left hand box down to 96k, it works. I can do that to find the parts I want to delete. Would I change it back to 192k before exporting the flac to maintain the higher bit rate?

Try setting the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window) to 44100. Does that work?

Yes. Lower rates work, except 176k (so, anything 96k and below)

Posts crossing.

Why not cut out one sample rate conversion and leave it at 96 kHz?
(96 kHz sample rate is good for frequencies well in excess of 40 kHz, which is double the upper frequency range of human hearing).

Well, I am recording these 192k steams successfully, and ‘want to believe’ it’s worth it. I have a pretty good dac/amp.
Anyway… I imagine after I trim, I can change the lower left box back to 192k if all I did was delete some of the file?

edit… that works fine. thanks.