Help, Please & Thank You!! (Beginner)

Hi guys I am brand new to all this but would really love to mkae my own cd :slight_smile: so i need all the help and advice I can get.

So far this is what I have, I have been recording a lot of songs but the quality sounds like garbage. I usually go to youtube and play the insturmental of the song and sing along to it (i have no mic and just sing into my laptop - also the music comes from the speakers I have hooked up)

My questions are:

What do I need?
Should I download the intsturmental and then open it in Audacity then record my voice over it?
Should I buy a mic and if so what is a good one that is a reasonable price?
Do I need a mixer (to be honest I barely know what this does)

Lol as you can see I am beginner to all this so please don’t trash me for not knowing what I am doing lol,

All the help is appreciated and thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yes. That way you get the original instrumental, and not one that has come out through your speakers and in through a poor quality laptop microphone, picking up feedback and all the noise in the room on the way.

Yes. The built-in mic on a laptop is virtually useless for music.
Have a look at the microphone section on this page from the wiki

Probably not.
If you are just using one mic, you don’t need a mixer. If you have more than one audio source, e.g. a number of mics, or a mic and a keyboard, or any other combination, then you need a mixer to combine the signals from all of those sources (and adjust the level of each source) so that you have a single signal which you can feed into your computer.


Thanks for all your help :slight_smile: