help please! sudden static!

Hey there! I have a big file (about an hour of audio) and I was trying last night to run the equalizer, compressor, etc and when I got to noise reduction it froze on me. However at that point in time the file already sounded pretty good. Well, when I came to open my .aup file (assumed it just saved whatever I last saved) my speaking audio now has static and sounds poppy/scratchy. Ack! help! Can I fix this somehow? Can I go back to and recover an older version of this file somewhere?

Here is a sample of what I’m talking about - it wasn’t like this yesterday - it was clear - now its all poppy and scratchy. What have I done and can it be fixed?
sample.aup (9.64 KB)

“.aup” files don’t contain audio. You need to attach a short WAV file instead.

Running 2.2.1 on Windows Vista

Sorry, even my paid-for de-clicker program can’t fix that.

Whatever caused the Audacity to freeze may have corrupted the Audacity project files, that looks incurable.