HELP please, No sound when exporting

So Ive tried exporting multiple times and in flac, mp3, and wav in 16 and 24 bit, but the sound in the file is never present. Ive opened the rendered files in audacity, and I can see the waveform, yet still theres no audio when i play it in itunes or windows media player. Ive even tried exporting again from the exported file, and theres still no sound

I checked all the other threads like this but couldnt find anything that quite fit what im having trouble with here. Any suggestions? I really like the way this turned out, and audacity is my best choice for audio like this.

If you connected a USB recording device, try disconnecting it Audacity Manual .


Windows has an odd habit of assigning the microphone and the speakers to a USB microphone when you plug it in.

I am running Windows 7, 64 bit system. There is no audio, but I can see the file play. Can’t hear anything so I can edit. I’ve tried mp3 & wav files. I’ve used Audacity a few years ago with no problems. What can I do? I’ve also switched to PC analog audio, HDMI audio and still can’t get sound through Audacity program.

Have you tried the suggestion already given in this topic?

I got it! Went to “Preferences” in Audacity and changed Playback to “Microsoft Sound Mapper”. I’ll try to edit some files now :smiley:

For those who connected a USB microphone or other USB recording device, it is better to set Audacity to the actual named speakers or headphones playback device.

Otherwise, “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output” (which maps to the default Windows playback device) would not have any sound while the USB device is connected, if that USB device takes over as default playback device.