HELP please identifying all db levels in my music ( flac) files

Is there a simple way to view the ± db levels for a group of files (mainly flac) without having to load each track separately and then press “amplification” to see what the file has been set to, to achieve a 0db or -1db value for example.

Essentially, when I have added some EQ to file for remastering I use amplification to ensure there is no clipping
so what I want to be able to do is get some kind of readout for a set of songs so I can see what each one has been set to ( hope that makes sense)


In a word, no - not with Audacity.

As your FLAC file is loaded and converted into Audacity’s internal .aup3 format, Audacity keeps track of the highest dB level. Once it has been loaded, the Amplify effect simply displays that stored information - so this process is instantaneous. Before loading the FLAC file, Audacity knows nothing about your file. And Audacity does not scan files without loading them.

Thanks for that confirmation. I kind of a expected that might be the situation :thinking:
So, it looks like unless I can find another programme- I would have to check each file out individually in Audacity

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