Help please how do I achieve (or get) this vst effect?!

hi im new to this forum
ive been using audacity a while and have a ton of effects
one effect I have yet to master is this one effect where in most songs
during the chorus they are able to achieve this effect.
Im not sure what its called but in Fl studio I believe its called
a stereo shaper heres what it sounds like
^^^when trey songs does the hook

hope you get what I mean thanks

Do you mean the vocal in the chorus that goes really “wide” (in a stereo sense)?
That’s achieved by double tracking (recording the vocal several times) with some copies panned hard to the left and the others panned hard to the right.
A similar effect can be achieved with a single recording with ADT (automatic double tracking) which reuses the same vocal track but with a short delay (and optional pitch shift) and again panning half of the copies to the left and the others to the right.
Manual double tracking and automatic double tracking are often combined to produce a “thick” vocal texture. It’s the panning hard right/hard left that produces the stereo width.

thanks for the response i tried what you said already but i didnt seem to get that rich harmony effect

I wanted to use this but for some reason it doesnt work in audacity

any idea?

Which is why there’s still a place for professional sound engineers and producers :wink:

See here for how to install VST plug-ins.
Note that not all VST plug-ins are supported.
Also note that the “VST Enabler” is only for Audacity 1.2.x and should not be installed in 1.3.x